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Bryant Furnaces

Valparaiso's Bryant Dealer


As an authorized Bryant Dealer and one of Valparaiso’s longest-running businesses, Crown Wheele is uniquely qualified to help keep your family safe and comfortable.

In 75 years of helping people with HVAC solutions, we’ve learned a lot, most significantly the importance of doing the job right the first time. It’s the cornerstone of everything we do! That’s why we believe it’s our job to help our customers find the right Bryant Heater or AC.

Papa Wheele once said, “we make friends from sales, we keep them through service.” We aim to help you find the best furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, and then be there when you need us for maintenance, service, and repairs.

Bryant Dealer Evolution Series

Bryant Evolution Series: The Evolution series represents this authorized Bryant Dealer's top-of-the-line furnaces, offering advanced features and high energy efficiency. These furnaces are equipped with variable-speed blower motors and modulating gas valves, allowing them to operate at varying capacities based on the heating requirements. The Evolution series typically includes models with higher AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings, which means they can provide greater energy savings and better comfort control. These furnaces often come with additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and diagnostics.

Bryant Dealer Preferred Series

The Valparaiso Bryant Dealer's Preferred Series: The Preferred series falls in the mid-range category of Bryant furnaces. While they may not have all the advanced features found in the Evolution series, Preferred furnaces still offer reliable performance and efficiency. They are equipped with two-stage heating, meaning they can operate at a high or low capacity depending on the demand for heat. This feature helps maintain a more consistent temperature and can contribute to energy savings.

Bryant Legacy Series

Bryant Legacy Series: The Legacy series represents the entry-level furnaces offered by Bryant. These furnaces are designed to provide basic heating functionality at a more budget-friendly price point. Legacy furnaces typically have single-stage heating, meaning they operate at a fixed capacity. While they may lack some of the advanced features and energy-saving capabilities of the Evolution and Preferred series, Legacy furnaces still offer reliable heating performance and can be a suitable choice for homeowners with more modest requirements and budgets.

Selecting the Best Furnace from Valpo's Authorized Bryant Dealer

The choice of series and model depends on individual heating needs, budget, and desired features. As Valpo's authorized Bryant Dealer, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your heating need and requirements and help you determine the best furnace for your home!

Bryant Dealer

Bryant Air Conditioning

As Valparaiso’s Certified Bryant Dealer, and one of Valpo’s longest running businesses, we understand the value of improving air quality and keeping your family cool from Northwest Indiana’s sizzling summers. As a certified Bryant repair and service dealer, our team can help find smart solutions while supporting best-practice maintenance to help keep your air conditioner operating at peak capacity.

But over the 75 years that Crown Wheele has served Porter County, we’ve learned the secret to building a long term relationship begins with helping homeowners find the right air conditioner. To get you started, we have compiled our best sellers in Porter County. For a closer look at which AC fits your unique needs, schedule an appointment. We can meet you at your home or at our planning center located a few blocks south of Valpo’s downtown.

Bryant Evolution Series

Bryant Evolution Series: The Evolution series represents Bryant's top-tier air conditioners, known for their advanced features, high efficiency, and precise temperature control. These units often come equipped with variable-speed compressors, allowing them to adjust cooling capacity based on the specific needs of the home. The Evolution series typically includes models with higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, offering greater energy efficiency and potential cost savings. These air conditioners may also have enhanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and diagnostics.

Bryant Preferred Series

Bryant Preferred Series: The Preferred series falls in the mid-range category and offers reliable cooling performance with solid energy efficiency. These air conditioners typically feature two-stage compressors, allowing them to operate at high or low capacities depending on the cooling demands. Two-stage operation helps maintain more consistent indoor temperatures and can contribute to energy savings. The Preferred series may have slightly lower SEER ratings compared to the Evolution series but still offer efficient cooling.

Bryant Legacy Series

Bryant Legacy Line: The Legacy line represents Bryant's entry-level air conditioners, offering basic cooling functionality at a more affordable price point. While they may lack some of the advanced features and higher SEER ratings of the Evolution and Preferred series, Legacy air conditioners still provide reliable cooling performance for homeowners on a budget.

Selecting the Best Bryant Air Conditioner

Crown Wheele can provide specific details on the current Bryant air conditioner offerings and their differences. The best model depends on your needs, budget and desired features. Its all about getting it your way, and Crown Wheele can help!
Bryant Dealer

Bryant Heat Pumps

As Valparaiso’s Certified Bryant Dealer, we couldn’t be more excited to help customers learn about the smart benefits of heating and cooling with a Heat Pump. During NWI’s extreme summers, the system acts like an air conditioner, extracting heat from inside and transferring it outside. For Porter Counties brutal winters, operation reverses and the unit finds ambient heat in the outdoor air and pumps it inside. This process is extremely clean, quiet, and efficient, producing two to three times more heat than the energy it requires. Plus, there’s no combustion process, eliminating any concern over byproducts such as carbon monoxide.

But a long term investment needs smart maintenance, service and repairs. As Northwest Indiana’s longest running HVAC, our maintenance plans can help keep your Heat Pump running at optimized performance levels 365 days a year!

Why Homeowners in Valpo are Cooling & Heating with Heat Pumps

Bryant heat pumps can be considered “smart” due to the integration of advanced technologies and features that enhance their functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency.

Here are some reasons why Crown Wheele recommends Bryant heat pumps are often referred to as smart choice:

  1. Smart Thermostat Compatibility: Bryant heat pumps are designed to work seamlessly with smart thermostats, such as Bryant’s own Evolution® Connex™ control or other compatible models. These smart thermostats offer advanced programming options, remote control capabilities through mobile apps, and integration with home automation systems. They allow homeowners to easily control and monitor their heat pump settings from anywhere, optimizing comfort and energy usage.
  2. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Many Bryant heat pumps come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows NWI homeowners to connect their heat pump to their home’s Wi-Fi network and access it remotely through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can adjust temperature settings, monitor energy usage, and receive maintenance alerts, providing greater control and convenience.
  3. Intelligent Performance Monitoring: Bryant heat pumps often incorporate advanced sensors and monitoring systems. These systems continuously analyze the performance of the heat pump and make adjustments to optimize efficiency and comfort. They can detect and respond to changes in outdoor temperature, indoor humidity levels, and other factors to provide precise and efficient heating and cooling.
  4. Energy Efficiency Features: Bryant heat pumps prioritize energy efficiency, helping homeowners save on energy costs. They may include features like variable-speed compressors, which can adjust their speed and output to match the heating or cooling needs of the home more precisely. This allows the heat pump to operate at lower speeds for longer periods, reducing energy consumption and maintaining consistent temperatures.
  5. Diagnostic and Maintenance Alerts: Smart Bryant heat pumps can monitor their own performance and identify potential issues or maintenance needs. The alert or notification is automatically sent to Crown Wheele notifying the Valpo Bryant dealer when service is required or when filters need cleaning or replacement. This proactive approach to maintenance helps ensure optimal performance and can prevent costly repairs.

To fully understand the smart capabilities of a particular Bryant heat pump, contact Crown Wheele, who can provide detailed information about the specific model you are interested in.